Workshop Descriptions

Face to Face Workshops

      • This 3 Week workshop will cover all you need to know to prepare for the Google Educator Level 1 Certification Exam.

      • Already Level 1 Certified? Sign up for this course to take your Google expertise to the next level. The course will meet for 3 weeks and will cover all you need to prepare for the Level 2 Certification Exam.

      • With Securly Classroom, teachers can create permission sets to white list important sites for student work, or lockout other sites to keep students focused on the activity at hand. Learn how to use this powerful tool in your Chromebook Classroom.

      • This one time webinar by NWA3D will cover the basics on how to get started with 3D Printing. CPHS teachers will have opportunity to check out 3D printers in the spring from the PLTW engineering program.

      • Google Forms and Google Classroom go together like Peanut Butter & Jelly. Learn how you can utilize these tools as an effective means of classroom assessment. Plus, find out how to integrate both with Wengage Gradebook!

      • Do you find it difficult to teach when you are tied behind your desk? Need an alternative that allows you to be more mobile in your classroom? Learn how to use Cast for Education and a Chromebook to create greater mobility and collaboration while teaching.

      • The days when SmartBoards and Promethean Boards ruled the planet are slowly dying. You no longer need an expensive license to Smart Notebook or Activ Inspire to use an Interactive Display. These days, teachers can find several different tools available to use as an Interactive Whiteboard solution. Attend this 1 hour workshop to find out about all the FREE alternatives and the different solutions available with each.

      • Are you confused about Virtual Reality? Never even hear of Augmented Reality? Find out what AR and VR are all about, and learn ways you can leverage these virtual tools to increase student engagement, take virtual field trips, and expand student horizons!

      • Ever hear of Flipgrid? If you haven't, this tool can be your new best friend. FlipGrid can be used for student response, discussion, debate, or even for developing verbal expression. Come to this 1 hour deep dive into FlipGrid. You'll be glad you did!

Online Workshops

      • Learn the basics of using Google Drive for Document Storage, Document Creationg, File Sharing and Teaching

      • Learn how to leverage Google Drive and Web 2.0 tools for creating and grading student projects.

      • Did you know the district has a Google Expeditions Kit (think Google Cardboard) for classroom checkout? Learn how to use the kit before you check it out for your virtual class field trip.

      • Are you new to Google Classroom? Need a refresher? Take this online course to learn more about how classroom can be used for instruction - flipped or traditional.

      • Discover Apps for administering Bell Ringers, Checks for Understanding, Exit Tickets, Reviewing Concepts and Summative Assessments.

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Instructional Design - COMING SOON!

Parent/Student Communication - COMING SOON!

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