Online Workshops

Online Workshops

      • Learn the basics of using Google Drive for Document Storage, Document Creationg, File Sharing and Teaching

      • Learn how to leverage Google Drive and Web 2.0 tools for creating and grading student projects.

      • Did you know the district has a Google Expeditions Kit (think Google Cardboard) for classroom checkout? Learn how to use the kit before you check it out for your virtual class field trip.

      • Are you new to Google Classroom? Need a refresher? Take this online course to learn more about how classroom can be used for instruction - flipped or traditional.

      • Discover Apps for administering Bell Ringers, Checks for Understanding, Exit Tickets, Reviewing Concepts and Summative Assessments.

Classroom Management - COMING SOON!

Instructional Design - COMING SOON!

Parent/Student Communication - COMING SOON!

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