SmartBoard Help

Often, SmartBoard issues can be resolved by following these simple steps. Instructions for tasks are specific to your board. Match your board to the image shown at each stage below.

Instructions for each series are listed below. Scroll to find your product.

  • SMARTBoard 600 Series
  • SMARTBoard 800 Series
  • SMARTBoard 7000 Series


Can I Write on my board with Dry Erase Markers?

  • You can, however it is stongly recommended that you don't, as it may disrupt the function of your board.

How can I clean my board?

  • Using a lint-free cloth, spray a small amount of Dry Erase Cleaning Solution on your cloth, and then wipe the board down. DO NOT spray the solution directly on the board.

SMARTBoard 600 Series

SMARTBoard 800 Series

Resolving Issues with General Behavior

SMARTBoard 7000 Series