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iPads & Education

‍Why (not how) We Should Use iPads in Education

‍What are others doing?


  • Special Education
    • TouchTrainer* – App for working with students who have Autism or Down Syndrome
    • Proloquo2Go* – communication solution for people who have difficulty speaking.
  • Accessibility Features
    • Go to Settings > Choose General > Accessibility
      • VoiceOver – When turned on, this tool serves as a screen reader for visually impaired students. Speaking rate can be altered to fit needs of learner. Braille settings can be configured if a Bluetooth Braille device is attached.
      • Zoom – magnifies the entire screen
      • Large Text – makes text larger in contacts, mail, and notes app
      • White on Black – changes contrast settings for students with visual impairments. Creates a photo-negative appearance.
      • Speak Auto Text – voice provides suggestions while typing for formatting and misspelled words.
      • Speak Selection – When turned on, you can highlight text in iBooks and other applications and have passages spoken out loud.
      • Closed Captioning – go to Settings > Video > Closed Captioning
      • Guided Access - allows you to setup iPad so that students may only use one app at a time.

Use your iPad as a Document Camera

Connect your iPad to an LCD Projector

            iPad Mounts and Cases

                    ‍Tips for selecting apps

                            Brainstorming Apps

                            Research Apps

                            You’ll want the ability to gather your research into one space.  



                            Investigation and Discovery