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Google Apps for Assessments

Try something new!  Use these Google Apps for quizzes, tests, and rubrics.  

Flubaroo for Google Forms/Sheets

Google Forms is a tool that works like a survey, but can be used for testing.  All responses are gathered in a Google Sheet.  Once your students enter their responses, you can use Flubaroo for Grading.

To Add Flubaroo for Google Sheets -

  1. Open  your Forms Response Sheet

  2. Click AddOns and Choose Get Add Ons

  3. Search for Flubaroo.

  4. Click the FREE button to add to Sheets.

Super Quiz 

This Add On for Google Sheets also grades incoming responses from a  Google Form, but with a few more bells and whistles.  With Super Quiz, you can:

  • Provide Individual Feedback

  • Send Study Suggestions

  • View students based on Wrong or Right Responses

To Add Flubaroo for Google Sheets -

  1. Open Google Sheets

  2. Click AddOns and Choose Get Add Ons

  3. Search for Super Quiz.

  4. Click the FREE button to add to Sheets.

Video Tutorial for Setting Up Super Quiz! -

Rubrics and Google Forms

Need to grade student presentations?  Why not use a Rubric?  I used to grade oral presentations using a clipboard with copies of the lesson rubric for scoring - like those shown here.

You can also do this with Google Forms.  Just set up your Rubric in a Form, and use your mobile device (Tablet, Phone, or Chromebook) to grade as you view each presentation.  

Key questions to add to your form:

  • Student Name

  • Student Email Address

  • Hour/Period

  • Separate Question for each Rubric item (Hint:  Use Linear Scale)

Afterward, use Autocrat to merge your form entries with a pre-formatted document that can be emailed to the student once grading is complete.

  • Try this Sample Rubric (use your own name and email address to see results) -

  • Watch this tutorial on Autocrat -

    • YouTube Video


Socrative is an online tool that you can use with your GAFE account.   It is available as a Chrome App (, or can be accessed at

This tool allows teachers to

  • Create and deploy tests/quizzes

  • Ask Quick Questions

  • Use an Exit Ticket to check understanding

  • Play Space Race as a review game.

  • Import your own Quizzes

  • View Grade Reports

  • Keep an Archive or results

Students can access Socrative from any device - Computer, Tablet, Phone….


This tool allows users to add questions to tutorial videos - either your own, or those you find on the web.  This creates a truly interactive experience, as students can watch and show understanding at the same time.

Plus, Zaption lets you use your Google Account to Sign Up and get started. Just go to or on the Chrome Web Store.

Once you’re in, just:

  1. Add your video

  2. Add questions

  3. Publish to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google Classroom, etc….

Don’t have your own videos?  You can integrate videos from:

  • YouTube

  • Vimeo

  • NatGeo

  • Edutopia

  • More….

Use this link to view a Sample Lesson - .

Ted-EdUntitled image.png

(Not a Google App, but Cool!)

Similar to Zaption, this tool allows users to curate videos, and add:

  • Questions - Multiple Choice or Open Answer

  • Links and Suggestions to Explore a Topic Deeper

  • Discussion

  • Closing Thoughts or a Challenge

Just go to to get started.

View a Sample Lesson at


(Not a Google App, but cool!)

This option is great for schools in which teachers have access to a tablet or phone, but the kids may not.  

  • Plickers is an app available for Android and iOS, that uses QR-style codes to gather responses from students.  

  • The Plickers app can be used to scan the room for responses to questions that teachers create.  

  • Each student has their own set of cards used to respond to questions (See below).  

  • Students are assigned to a specific Card Number.  

  • Depending on which way the card is oriented, the app will pick up the student's answer.  

Responses are collected by the app and saved to your Plickers account.  Cards can be printed from the Plickers website - .  Get started by visiting

Tips:  If you are using an Android Device, you may need to play with the Rotation of your Camera until it accurately picks up the answers.  See this link for help -