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Flipped Classroom

What is the Flipped Classroom?

Tools for Creating Content

  • Camtasia - $$ Software for editing and producing video
  • SnagIt - Chrome Extension to capture screencasts or Animated GIFs
  • Camstudio –  Free, Open Source Software similar to Camtasia
  • Screencast-O-Matic  - Free Version - limited to 15 minutes; Pro Version – Unlimited.
  • Jing   - limited to 5 minutes
  • Screenr   - Free Web-based tool to record screencasts.
  • MoveNote - Add in that allows you to create videos and send them directly from Gmail.  IDEA! -  send a lecture video out to a contact list.
  • Educreations - iPad app that allows you to create and save videos on a Free account.
  • ScreenChomp - iPad app with whiteboard for creating video content.  Free.
  • Explain Everything - iPad app that allows you to record while working with a background, images, and pen tools.  Also allows you to record while working with a webpage.  Paid.

Ready Made Content

For the items listed below, make sure you always view content before putting it out there for your kids.  Review for content, quality, accuracy, and appropriateness.

  • Khan Academy - Lecture videos over Math and Science.
  • Brightstorm - Paid service with 1 week free.  Math, Science, ELA. 
  • iTunesU - Many college and university lectures are available for free.  Some K-12 as well.  Check out all categories.
  • Ted-Ed - turn any YouTube video into a lesson with questions and webquests.



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